Bryan Ferry – looking forward to his first beach performance

Next month well be welcoming the iconic Bryan Ferry to the beach to headline LMF.

If we weren’t excited already, catching up with the man himself means we sure are excited now!

Have you ever performed on a beach before?

No… but looking forward to having a go.

When were you last in Cornwall?

A few years ago I was there for my birthday… and went to Rick Stein’s marvellous seafood restaurant in Padstow.

With a lifetime of hits – how do you choose the material for your show?

Well, I try to play to the strengths of the musicians I have around me at the time. At the moment it’s quite a big band, and they seem to be doing great with the wide ranging repertoire of songs, both Roxy Music and solo . We try to strike a balance between the more obscure songs and the hits.. and of course we include a couple of songs from the most recent album Avonmore.

On your recent album you worked with Nile Rodgers, and Johnny Marr who played here last year – how much do you enjoy collaborating?

I love to work with talented people, and I’ve been very fortunate throughout my career in that regard. Nile and Johnny are both fantastic musicians and they feature heavily on the latest record.

Apart from writing your own material you are well known for doing your own interpretation of classic songs – what is it that attracts you to certain songs?

Well it’s hard to say… Certain songs just reach out to you emotionally and those tend to be the songs that inspire me. It always helps if the lyrics are interesting…

And finally, what’s the best live concert you’ve ever seen?

Probably the Stax Revue of 1967, featuring Otis Redding and Sam and Dave… but I was also lucky to see Hendrix and Prince.

Bryan Ferry will be joining us on the beach on Saturday 24th September.