A taste of LMF

After working up an appetite in the crowd on the beach, LMF has you covered with a range of street food stalls from every cuisine imaginable. Here is just a taste of some of the brilliant dishes you’ll find dotted along the Quayside.

Gourmet Street Kitchen

For a fairly unique experience, Gourmet Street Kitchen offers incredibly delicious Gourmet Mac & Cheese dishes. You can expect a whole lot more than the traditional oven-baked Mac & Cheese; this is a creative take on the familiar home favourite, but with a gourmet twist. Each meal is cooked to order in front of the customer and with ingredients you’re more likely to associate with a high-end restaurant. Take for example ‘The Wild Italian’ with Pancetta, wild mushroom and garlic, or the ‘Hot & Handsome’ with chorizo, homemade harissa and caramelised onion. This 21st century Mac & Cheese really is something to be desired.

Katie’s Cornish Hotpots

If you fancy something that makes your taste buds tingle, then definitely visit Katie’s Cornish Hotpots. Katie and James are Cornwall based chefs passionate about bringing world street-style food to festivals. The cuisines on offer are truly global with choices ranging from Moroccan to Thai. Their free time is spent researching and experimenting with different food combinations, playing with herbs and spices to bring new zest to old recipes. These two certainly don’t do plain, so if you are looking for mouth-watering, fun and exciting food look no further.

Thyme and Tide

What would a trip to the sea be without a taste of it? Thyme and Tide have you covered with a range of absolutely exquisite seafood & vegetarian food. Inspired by his travels, Chef Lee Lake has created an array of dishes that show off the delicious food from the Cornish seas. With a different menu every time, you could find yourself trying anything from crispy whitebait with citrus aioli and Cajun fish tacos, to loaded crab fries or even a taste of the American south with some Louisiana seafood gumbo on a bed of rice.

Inkie’s Smokehouse

If you prefer the turf over the surf then Inkie’s Smokehouse is definitely the choice for you. A family run smokehouse bbq joint located at Golitha Falls Cornwall, Inkie’s will be bringing authentic pit smoked bbq and other American favourites to this year’s festival.  All their meat is locally sourced and cooked low ‘n’ slow over hickory, maple or cherry wood. This unique cooking process creates what’s known as a ‘Smoke Ring’ which develops along the outside of the meat and around the bones in their products. You can be assured that despite this red ring, all of the meats are smoked to well done and that the ‘Smoke Ring’ you see is a sign of outstanding, authentic BBQ. With their own rubs and sauces it makes for an experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Wafel Lust

If you have more of a sweet tooth, then definitely get yourself over to Wafel Lust. In the summer of 2017, after perfecting their waffle recipe abroad in local markets, Brahim and Holly arrived back in Cornwall with the seed for Wafel Lust well and truly planted in their heads. These two love both the art and chemistry of cooking and can safely say they offer some of the most delicious waffles you will find outside of Belgium. You’ll have the choice of eithera Liege waffle or the lighter, crispier and rectangular Brussels waffle. The choice of toppings is mouth-watering with the likes of fudge cubes, biscoff crumble, toffee, chocolate, strawberries, banana and more. With gluten-free options available too, this one is a great shout for all.

Somehow still not found a craving? There is so much more on offer…

Visit World Food for a wide variety of flatbreads. Forked will be a great choice for a gourmet take on the timeless classic sausage and mash. Get over to Chanburys for a slice of sumptuous wood-fried pizza. Hippy Happy Hoppers are giving you the chance to experience the taste of Sri Lanka.

Go west to Casita Lupe for a mouthful of Mexican cuisine, or head to Thai Style Thai Food for a feast from the Far East. Gourmet Farm will be rivalling Inkie’s for the best bbq in Looe, whilst Just Pigs will be specialising in all the best pork products. Big Pans can offer you a perfect paella amongst many more delicious options. Finish off your meal the right way at Little Donut Deli with one of the classic sweet sticky treats.