John Otway

Absolutely unmissable. John Otway describes himself as an English singer-songwriter who has a surreal sense of humour and a self-deprecating underdog persona. He’s built a sizeable cult following through extensive touring and performing in his own unique and inimitable style.

Having caught the eye of the producers of the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test, Otway’s performance on that show in 1977 would grab the attention of the watching audience. Otway, ever the showman, decided to jump on an amplified during his performance. (Un) fortunately for Otway, he misjudged his leap and sent Wild Willy Barrett’s amplifier tumbling as he crashed down straddling the box under the amp. The full force of the impact was absorbed by the most tender part of his body, but in doing this one simple act of recklessness and his wanton disregard for his own safety, Otway was the talk of everyone who watched that evening’s programme.

Not only did he see a surge in his audiences, sales of Otway’s sixth single, the half-spoken love song Really Free increased dramatically and reached number 27 in the UK Singles Chart. An appearance on the BBC’s flagship music programme Top of the Pops, where Otway & Barrett were introduced by Elton John later, Otway was finally a star. Forty year’s on, Otway is still delighting audiences all across the UK and beyond.