Honey & The Bear

British folk and roots-inspired duo Honey & the Bear combine powerful guitar riffs with soaring vocal harmonies, foot-stomping rhythms and catchy melodies. Their songs tell intriguing tales of folklore from their home on the Suffolk coast, alongside heartwarming compositions about life’s adventures, love and betrayal.

The multi-instrumentalist pair, comprised of songwriters Jon Hart (guitar, bass, mandolin) and Lucy Sampson (guitar, ukulele, bass, banjo & percussion), have been writing together since early 2014. The amalgamation of both their unique musical styles makes for a dynamic and ever-changing live performance which will take your breath away at times, have the tears welling in your eyes or have you feeling a rhythm your feet simply can’t resist.

With a constant swapping of instruments, Honey & The Bear will keep you mesmerised and are sure to leave you wanting more.