Lorraine Lucas

Lorraine Lucas is a Scottish singer, songwriter, musician and composer based in the South East of England who draws inspiration from her observations of the world and the human condition in all it’s magnificence and frailty.

Throughout her career, she has shared the stage with amongst others Paul Clifford ( Be Good Tanyas/Groanbox/Afro-Cubism) , Michael Ward-Bergeman ( Groanbox/ Jackson Street Allstars/St Louis Symphony Orchestra) Dean Owens, Michael Messer, Robbie McIntosh ( Sir Paul McCartney/The Pretenders) Bruce MacGregor ( Blazing Fiddles) Paul Fitzgerald ( The Coal Porters) and has performed at music festivals and concerts across Europe and will be touring extensively throughout Europe promoting her latest album Messenger.

Not fitting into any specific genre, Lucas transgresses delta blues, old time, progressive folk rock and blends it perfectly with a Gothic Country twist which captivates audiences large and small as she invites you into the light and shade of her heart and soul and gently closes the door at the end of the song.

Lorraine’s set will showcase material from her new album Messenger released in May 2018 and also from Loves’ Executioner from 2011 (recorded with Paul Fitzgerald of The Coal Porters) & treat us to a sneaky-peak of brand new material. Her inspiration comes from the heart & impeccable musical influences include Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Hank Williams Snr to name a few.