Celebrating BBC Music Day with our BBC Music Introducing line-up

With the theme for this year’s BBC Music Day ‘the power of music’ – how it can bring us together, make us feel fantastic and create unforgettable memories, it felt like the perfect time to share with you the line-up for our BBC Music Introducing stage.

Firmly evolving into one of your favourite stages at LMF, each year it brings the very best emerging talent to the beach and 2017 is no different.

Our BBC Music Introducing line-up is:

Echo Town / Malavita / Jonah’s Lift / Ben Thorpe / Daytoner / Daisy Clark / Haunt the Woods / Rosie Crow / The Grenaways / Noel Prior / Kola Bones / Joe Chown  / Backbeat Soundsystem/ 50 Year Storm / William the Conqueror / Velvet Echoes / Oh Majester / Rose Kimberley 

See them live on the beach this September.