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How My Jar can help your finances?

Mobile payments represents an extremely interesting paradox in the world of mobile banking and telecommunications, and other industries which value their consumers. Having attended Marketforce’s “My Jar” today; and meeting with a variety of banking partners and operators- one big question that had been raised is ‘ the consumer and their behaviour and change to the evolving mobile payments world. ”

New Payment Methods, Why is MyJar One Of The Best New Technologies?

My Jar – In order to gain customer acceptance my argument was that there isn’t enough education out there on the developments of new payment methods; consumers are being introduced to all these new technologies and new innovative ways to make payments through the use of different mobile mediums, which to be frank is very confusing!


Customer Experience Is Key, Especially In The Financial World

One thing that I found interesting is that not enough time and money is spent on research and development of customer experience, development and finding ways of exactly what they want, but need.

  • In the near future I do think that through word of mouth and social influences, people will be more engaging to adapting to the changes in technology and innovative ways to process payments i.e. My Jar is a good example of new technology, branding and marketing tools applied to their business model this has shown that their products are mostly sold on popularity and social influence of people handling the products and recommending it.

Future Banking With MyJar, mobile payments will never be the same

In the next issue of Future Banking My Jar we will be having lots of coverage on the evaluation of mobile payments, mobile banking and the current and future developments of the payments world in the EU. Working with Voicetrust, Intix, XMLdation and Nets, whom which of all have a large impact and influence on the payments industry.