If you’re sending greetings cards to friends and family why not try your hand at writing them in Cornish? Here are a few phrases to help you craft the perfect message in Kernewek.

Dhe | To
Gorhemynadow an Seson | Season’s Greetings
Bledhen Nowyth Da
| Good New Year
Nadelik Lowen | Happy Christmas
Gans kerensa | With love
Dhyworth | From

It’s likely that Christmas songs will be unavoidable this month so have some fun singing Jingle Bells in Kernewek too …

Klegh a sen! Klegh a sen! | Jingle bells! Jingle bells!
Ow seni oll a-dro | Jingle all the way
Ass yw brav, ow lewya yn | Oh what fun, it is to ride
Gwav yn draylel deg heb to | In a one-horse open sleigh

And in case you catch the Cornish bug here are some more you can try whilst you’re enjoying the festive period.

Den Ergh | Snowman
El | Angel
Gwedhen Nadelik
| Christmas Tree
Kantol | Candle
Karow Ergh | Reindeer
Kelyn | Holly
Lodrik | Stocking
Podin Nadelik | Christmas Pudding
Ro | Present
Rudhek | Robin
Steren | Star
Tas Nadelik | Father Christmas
Tesen Nadelik | Christmas Cake
| Mistletoe
Klogh | Bell
Pastigow brewgig | mince pies