Fun Lovin’ Criminals tell us we’re in for a party

With just under ten weeks to go until Fun Lovin’ Criminals are joining us on the beach we caught up with Brian Leiser, otherwise known as ‘Fast’.

It’s not long until you’re headlining LMF, have you performed on a beach before?

We have performed on many beaches over the years. One of our favs was playing on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii for the Red Bull kite surfing competition. We love the sun, sand and surf!

Your gigs stay the fans, people are really excited to have you perform in Cornwall. What do you think it is about your shows that connect so deeply with fans?

We share a simple philosophy with Viv Savage from the rock group Spinal Tap, ‘have a good time, all the time!’ Our fans know when they come to a FLC gig we are all in it together, no ego’s or b*******, just good music played very loud!

You’ve been touring to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of your debut album ‘Come Find Yourself’. How’s that been going?

We’ve been blessed to be able to perform all over the world in our career. But we have never played ‘Come Find Yourself’ in is entirety which was a bit of a challenge as some of the songs we rarely play. To perform the album from start to finish was great and the fans knew what the set list was so the excitement was ‘high’ (no pun intended).

It must be very different for you all 20 years on? 

We were in our early 20’s when FLC got a record deal with EMI. We were young and naive but hungry to perform our music live. We never thought anyone outside of NYC would appreciate our mish mash of different genres. We knew what our formula was and have been very protective of it over the years. We write and produce our music, which is rare these days.

What’s the future for Fun Lovin’ Criminals, will there be any new material sneaking into your set at Looe or hints of a new album?

We will be promoting the 20th anniversary re-issues of our debut album ‘Come Find Yourself’ through the summer. We have been speaking a lot lately about what we want to do next as far as new music and the idea we have is something we think the fans will love! We hope to get in a studio this summer to record – 2017 will see the release of new material. 

Apart from yourselves of course, who else should people catch at LMF?

Who doesn’t appreciate the music of Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music? We have shared the stage with Alabama 3 over the years; they are a good bunch of guys. Craig Charles brings the funk when he spins so that always works in a beach setting.

Give us a taste of what’s to come, what can people expect from your show at Looe?

A PARTY! The good people will hear songs from all of our albums, mixing elements of rock, funk, soul and hip-hop. We will do our best to extend the summer to the end of September.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals will headline LMF16 on Sunday 25th.