The Cornish Language

Dydh da! / Hello!

Here in Cornwall we are lucky enough to have our own language but you’d be forgiven for not knowing that. The last person who spoke Cornish as their first language died in the 18th century and it was thought that the language would become extinct.

This was almost the case until the Celtic revival in the 20th century, which breathed new life into the culture. With more and more people interested in learning Cornish, it is now officially recognised under the European charter for regional or minority languages.

The Modern day

Today, Cornish is used in national advertising campaigns, TV programmes and music. We even got Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals speaking Cornish and Looe’s award winning band,  The Changing Room, have showcased the language to fans across the globe.

Learn Cornish with the Changing Room 

So, we thought a beginner’s lesson in Cornish might help you next time you’re in town…

Ple’th os ta trigys? / Where do you live?

Fatla genes? / How are you?

Pasti / Pasty (You probably already knew what that one meant though didn’t you?)

Pysk hag asklos / Fish and chips

Duw genes! / Goodbye!

If you would like to learn some more Cornish phrases and words take a look around

Agas gweles war an treth (see you on the beach)!