Gool Ilow Logh yw tri dydh a ilow vyw bryntin yn desedhans hudel war arvor gorvarthys Kernow. Gool ilow ‘tevesik’, ma nag eus edhomm a gampya, may hyllir godriga dres an jydh po an bennseythen, triga yn es ha dybri par ha myghtern.

Dres tri dydh mis-Gwynngala gweskys yw tre vyghan Logh yn Kernow Soth-Est gans ilow vras, didhan gorbollek, ha tamm gonisogeth avel bonus. An gool a omdhiskwa tromm dhyworth le vyth rag treusfurvya an treth ha’n stretow, ow ri dhe deythyogyon & vysytyoryon dhyworth pub sorn an bys chons dhe omvyska hag enjoya an diskwedhyans. Pub le oll yw an tyller, pub den oll yw dynerghys dhe’n kevewi. Ha pub bledhen ni a assay y herdhya unn kamm pella.

Ny gevir aswaow Sul diek y’n hav yn Gool Ilow Logh. Gwaytyewgh kemmysk eklektek a ilow ughel hy nerth a wra agas ‘gwitha ow kwaya’, delivrys hys dhe hys dhyworth an eyl penn a’n treth dh’y gila hag a-dro dhe’n porth, keffrys ha performyansow orth pub kornel stret hag yn pub barr ha bosti.

Kyn fo gool nowydh, GIL re dennas henwyn bras dhyworth y dhalleth. Hwath y’gan kynsa bledhen, yn 2011, ni a berswadyas Roy Wood, Adrian Edmonson, The Selecter ha From the Jam dhe dhos dhe’n kevewi. A-dhia ena ni re welas Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Bryan Ferry, Wilko Johnson, The Darkness, Reef, Seth Lakeman, Chas & Dave, The Damned, The Stranglers, Levellers, The Skints, Showaddywaddy, Frank Turner, Squeeze, Brand New Heavies, Jools Holland, Johnny Marr ha The Proclaimers ow hwytha tewes dhyworth an treth yn unn dardha. Skodhys yw an sterennow pub prys gans100+ performyer leel, kenedhlek & keswlasek dhyworth skriforyon kanow a gan hag ilow werinek bys yn hip hop, indie, funk & punk.

Hwarvos nag yw rag budh yw Gool Ilow Logh, dyghtys gans aluseneth govskrifys yw fogellys war avonsya ilow vyw ughel hy kwalita.



Looe Music Festival was amazing, that crowd at Looe absolutely blew us away. Probably one of the best settings we’ve ever played at, looking out from stage at a massive crowd and the sea next to it is gorgeous.

~ Ken, Ferocious Dog

It’s a mix of lots of different things. Someone who is new, someone who is legendary in their own world, folk music,  a great legend … I think that’s the great thing about this festival.

~ Jools Holland

Playing outside is a lovely thing and in situations like this it’s actually closer to the real spirit of festivals because it is people coming together… And it appears like the Looe Festival’s agenda is just for everybody in the location to be entertained with a good spirit … it’s inclusive

~ Johnny Marr

It was probably the wettest gig I think I’ve ever been involved in…and yet almost because of that was also one of the most enjoyable in a long time…the fantastic location on the beach and the warmth of the organisers and huge crowd who stuck it out made it a very memorable occasion…God knows what it would’ve been like in more clement weather! I’d love to come back and find out…
~ Baz, The Stranglers

‘Looe Music Festival – a beautiful place and beautiful people. The Darkness thank you all! Rock on’
~ The Darkness

‘What a great time we had at Looe! The Oompah Band with us at the finale was magic’
~ Chas & Dave

‘The last of the Summer Festivals’
~ Missing Andy

‘It was brilliant, the highlight of our summer. The Captain was raving about it on Twitter’
~ The Damned

‘Amazing Weekend’
~ The Show, London

‘What a festival it was!’
~ Oompah Brass

‘I’d come back in a heartbeat if I could get away with it’
~ Tim V, Sham 69


‘This unique festival offers big name bands and artists, but takes place throughout the town, from the beach to the quay and most of the pubs, clubs and street corners in between with no alleyway left off the radar. Hats off to Looe for this year’s festival – good-natured crowds and great fun with brilliant entertainment around this picture postcard Cornish fishing port, all for a staggeringly reasonable price. Could anyone really ask for more from a weekend?’
~ Insomniac Jack,

‘The sound quality was absolutely superb…and there was never a dull moment as no sooner had one band finished then another started up at the opposite end of either the beach or the massive harbour marquee…Outside the main arenas, samba bands and street performers brought the charming streets of Looe alive, food stalls catered for every taste and pubs, cake and pasty shops did a roaring trade… I lost track of the folk I bumped into who commented on how well this festival was organised.’
~ ThIs is Devon

‘Looe is transformed into a beautifully higgledy piggledy smorgasbord of entertainment. It feels like a magical journey of discovery walking through the streets – craning your neck to get a peek down side streets as music emanates from seemingly every nook and cranny.’
~ Gareth Bartlett, Deputy Editor, Cornish Guardian

‘A dedicated music event, it’s a festival with a difference. The intimate and relaxed vibe hits you the moment you arrive in the tiny fishing town. The stages are smack-bang in the centre of town, by the harbour-side and on the beach – the local bars and restaurants hosting live music during the weekend too. Festival-goers enjoy their weekend away in local hotels, cottages and B&B’s, plus camping is available at the local sites. It tends to attract over 30’s and their families with its rock, punk, ska, folk bias.’