VIP Looe Music Festival

A look back at some LMF show stopping performances

Over the past seven years there have been some magnificent moments. Opening the doors for the very first time, showcasing Looe at it’s very best and growing the LMF family every year. Looking back at the hundreds of artists who have taken to our stages, here’s some show stopping performances we’ll never forget.

Anita Harris

Stalwart cabaret and variety legend Anita Harris reminded us why she is one of the UK’s most loved entertainers when she appeared at LMF2016. She may not have been to everyone’s taste but her charismatic energy created something special, mesmerising and unique. A performance that brought a packed crowd to tears.

The Stranglers

The show must go on! Despite our wonderful Cornish weather not playing ball The Stranglers made sure LMF2012 went out with a bang. They put on an awesome performance and we all danced in the rain. It may have been pouring but it was such a memorable moment we couldn’t resist inviting them back for LMF2018.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Well, what can we say, after a soggy Saturday we needed a party to end LMF2016 and Huey and the gang didn’t disappoint. With their cheeky attitude and the pull of nostalgia Scooby Snacks was definitely the firework finale to our 6th festival.

 The Correspondents

There was one thing guaranteed in the harbour tent when The Correspondents took to the stage – energy. Mr Bruce’s dance moves alone were off the chart but they got the whole tent moving and grooving with their hi-octane genre-blending dance music.

 Chas & Dave ft. Oompah Brass

We had a feeling Chas & Dave were going to go down well when they took to the stage in 2013 but when they were joined for an exclusive Chas & Dave and Oompah Brass collaboration things were taken to a whole another level. The combination of a brass band and the duo’s infamous ‘rockney’ genre brought the roof off the tent – if you were there you’ll remember it.

 The Normals

To hunt out The Normals has become a LMF tradition. Whether they’re singing in the street, on top of their van, or careering down the harbour on a moving picnic bench. It captures everything we’re about, street carnival, festival and awesome music all in one.

 The Darkness wearing our t-shirts

The Darkness storming our main stage wearing LMF t-shirts has got to be one of our stand out moments over the years. Since then there’s been many famous faces in our tees but The Darkness were the first and that will always be something special.

 The Big Cornish Sing

Hundreds of people braving the wind and rain to help us raise the profile of the Cornish language. Led by The Changing Room and joined on stage by local choirs the mass sing-a-long of Roev Sos Roev (Row Boys Row) made us so proud of what makes our culture unique.

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

As a Celtic nation we love anything that celebrates traditional roots with a modern twist. Bagpipes with attitude, drums with a Scottish accent and a show so hot it carried its own health warning. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have become a band we adore.

King Creature

When we realised the release date for King Creature’s debut album Volume One, coincided with their main stage performance in 2017 we knew we had to expect something big from Cornwall’s rock gods. But entering the stage on Harley Davidsons, well that turn out to an epic way to kick-start their performance.

We can’t wait to keep making more memories… See you on the beach!