So who is William the Conqueror?

In an age of sound-bytes and tweets, pastiches, genres and references, quite simply; William the Conqueror makes real, original music.

Forming one half of Ruarri Joseph’s double existence for the past few years, William the Conqueror was born as a way to vent everything else whilst Ruarri was promoting his emotionally charged fourth record, Brother, devoted to the loss of a friend.

“I wanted people to hear the stories from it and be part of that healing process, so I was on my best behaviour and stuck to the programme. But as an impatient artist, I knew it had the potential to become frustrating to sing the same songs for such a long time. William was my escape. Now after three years of keeping William in the dark, I want to switch things up. Ruarri can go off the radar and William can have his turn.”

Make sure you witness William the Conqueror come into the light and see them Sunday.