Love singing? Love Cornwall? If so, you’ll love the The Big Cornish Sing in Looe, Cornwall this September (part of the Looe Music Festival programme of events).

What’s it all about? It’s a mass participation event where we’re aiming to have thousands of people singing one song together in Cornish. The song is called ‘Roev Sos Roev’ (Row Boys Row) and you can listen to it here. We supply free lyric sheets (including a phonetic version), sheet music and a backing track to rehearse to.

When? | P’eur? 4.30pm, Saturday 30th September 2017

Where? | Ple? Main Stage Arena, Looe Beach, East Looe, Cornwall PL13 1BU

Why? | Prag? To help raise awareness of the Cornish language, and to encourage more people to sing (in Cornish).

Who? | Piw? We’ll have a host of guests on stage, but the performers will be people like you. Even if you’ve never spoken a word of Cornish before and the only place you usually sing is in the shower, please get involved – we need you!

How do I get involved in The Big Cornish Sing? | Fatel gemerav rann y’n Kana Bras Kernewek?
You just need to learn one song (check out the links below to listen to song) and buy a ‘Big Sing’ ticket. On the day, you’ll sing the song as part of a massed voices event and you might even find yourself singing alongside some of our headliners. Your ‘Big Sing’ ticket will entitle you to enjoy a full day of inspirational and world-class live music as well as being part of The Big Cornish Sing. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a group outing or educational visit, so register now. If you’ve never been to Looe Music Festival you’re in for a treat – your Big Cornish Sing ticket gives you full access to the whole festival for the day including our headline acts. 


CLICK HERE to listen to the song in Cornish

CLICK HERE to download the backing track

CLICK HERE to listen to the song in English


CLICK HERE to download the sheet music


CLICK HERE to download the lyric sheets

Lyric sheets are supplied in Cornish, Cornish phonetic and English (so that you know what you’re singing about).


We’re auditioning. We’d like to invite one adult singing group, one children’s choir and one shanty group to join us on the main stage during The Big Cornish Sing. If you’d like to be considered, please EMAIL US with COMPETITION in the subject line, and we’ll arrange to attend one of your rehearsals.


Your group will need to register to access subsidised ‘The Big Cornish Sing’ ticket prices. You’ll need a group of at least 10 people attending to qualify for ‘Big Cornish Sing’ tickets. Everyone attending the event on a ‘Big Cornish Sing’ ticket will have full access to the entire festival for the day (from 11am to 11pm), including the ticketed venues and the headline show by Lulu. REGISTER NOW to qualify for up to 100% discount on day tickets.


The song is called Roev Sos Roev (which translates into English as Row Boys Row). It was written by Looe-based professional songwriter Tanya Brittain who also writes a regular column in Cornwall Today about learning the Cornish language. It was written for a FEAST Cornwall funded project called A River Runs Between and recorded by The Changing Room. It’s a modern shanty-style song that captures the working life of Cornish seine-boat fishermen. The song has already been adopted by many choirs, shanty groups and gig rowing teams and is the perfect song for The Big Cornish Sing.

The Big Cornish Sing is a trade mark of Looe Music Festival. All rights reserved. The Big Cornish Sing is co-funded by Cornwall Council and delivered in partnership with the Cornish Language Office.


Bring your Cornish flags, wear your group uniforms or t-shirts, or just chill out and enjoy the singing. You’ll need to head to the box office and go to The Big Cornish Sing check-in desk to collect your wristbands.

One nominated person can collect these on behalf of the entire group. The wristbands must be worn at all times as these give you access to the ticketed venues and arenas.

You can bring folding chairs to use at the venue, although the use of chairs may be restricted to the promenade area and the rear of the arena during the performance.

By registering you give your permission to be filmed, photographed and recorded and for the images and audio to be used for promotional purposes.

We’re offering up to 100% discount on day ticket to Looe Music Festival for groups getting involved in The Big Cornish Sing. Day tickets are normally £40 each, but we’re offering 100% discount on Under 18s tickets (to support school and youth groups) and up to 75% discount on adult tickets – reducing day tickets to £10 each. To qualify for these discounts you’ll need a group of at least 10 attending and tickets must be purchased in one batch under your group name.

Your ticket entitles you to attend Looe Music Festival for the full day (11am to 11pm) not just The Big Cornish Sing event, and you’ll have access to all ticketed venues, including the headline show featuring Lulu.